In-house Service Review Health Check

Since establishing the grounds maintenance support service we have delivered service and efficiency reviews. these have included high level reviews of parks and Grounds Maintenance provision and market-comparator exercises in relation to bringing currently outsourced services back to an in-house service.

In carrying out these projects GroundsConsulting has identified that opportunities exist for local authorities to review their grounds maintenance provision to establish:

  • Whether their in-house team can be more efficient, or
  • Whether their contract is fit for purpose and the delivery is cost efficient, and
  • The most suitable service delivery option when all factors such as management, additional works and the indirect cost of provisions are considered.
  • Strategy options for the management of land and assets
  • Where savings can be made and identify wastage through independent checks

We can provide an independent ‘temperature check’ of your organisation or company’s progress towards your existing business plan targets. We can also assess the current standards you are achieving, offer solutions for improvement and assist with implementation.

GroundsConsulting do not carry out reviews as a desktop exercise. Our team visits clients, conducts reviews and speaks to staff at all levels from director to operative in order to understand the service, the operation and the opportunities for potential efficiency and saving. We pride ourselves on exhibiting and highlighting good practice as well as areas for improvement.

Applying the principles and experience we have gained in the practicle delivery and management of services, we provide effective and deliverable service options to meet the needs of the syakeholders and the budges available.